The short reviews on this blog are intended to provide a small measure of insight for a Western audience into the ways in which Korean photographers are using the book form in conjunction with photography to tell stories, share ideas, describe the world and stake out humanity’s place in it. Hopefully, too, these reviews will be able to make connections across cultural boundaries in regards to the way that photographic images operate.

While I make my living as a corporate photographer and have a degree in photography, I am not an academic or professional critic. The reviews here are those of an enthusiast–though one who is engaged on a daily basis with the theory and practice of photography.

The books under review are drawn from my collection, which is not definitive. My wife and I travel to Korea to visit her family only every or every other year. I miss many books that are published and go out of print quickly. For any artists or publishers reading this, I would be grateful if you would add me to your mailing list and would welcome submissions of books for review.

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