Hye-Ryoung Min guest curates at Lenscratch

Aline Smithson and her Lenscratch blog are a constant source of great photography. Whether she is producing her own projects or scouring the web for new and interesting work to post to Lenscratch, Aline is a photo-dynamo.

This past week Hye Ryoung Min guest curated a series of posts at Lenscratch highlighting five contemporary Korean photographers:

EunKyung Shin and at Lenscratch
Yang Jae Kwang and at Lenscratch
Jung Jihyun and at Lenscratch
Lim Soo Sik and at Lenscratch

The series is well worth an extended read. Eun Kyung Shin’s Photo Studios and Jung Jihyun’s Space Between Creation and Destruction immediately resonated with me, though I’m travelling and haven’t had time to give the entire series of posts (and the linked photographer’s sites) with the deeper attention that they deserve. I’ll have more to say about the work Hye Ryoung has shared, hopefully sooner rather than later. And, hopefully I’ll be able to find some of this work in book form at some point.