Stop Coveting / Buy New

Colin Pantall posted his thoughts recently on the vicious cycle by which some books become highly coveted, their prices rise and they become more coveted. His post is partly concerned with this: “why buy something old and beyond your budget when you can get something new?”

I agree with Pantall. The prices of many books that have become historical touch stones have become astronomical. The object value overwhelms the photographic value. Publications like Errata Editions make some of these books accessible, but why not buy something new? Why not support artists who are making interesting work now? (I’m not suggesting that Errata Editions efforts aren’t worth supporting.)

Most of the books reviewed here on Korean Photo Books are very affordable. They are generally &#65510 20,000 to &#65510 30000; many of the zines are closer to &#65510 5,000. There are equally affordable books everywhere. Buy something new. Support a working photographer.

Looking for a book whose value will rise? Stop. Go buy a mutual fund (but watch out for those fees). Buy books because you enjoy them.