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Happy New Year 2018

2017 was a little quiet here on the blog.

The plan for 2018 is to get back to weekly posts, but I’m going to move towards shorter posts that are more descriptive than critical. Hopefully this will help me balance keeping this blog current and actually keeping up with my commercial and creative work.

Ji and I were in Korea for most of December so I’ve got plenty of new books to get up on the blog, not to mention a stack from 2016 that haven’t made it up yet. Check back soon.

In the meantime, Happy New Year 2018!

New posts coming

I am obviously behind on this blog. And now I’m more behind: I brought back a pile of books from my trip to Seoul back in November of last year (1, 2, 3). So there’ll be new content here soon.

In particular, I plan to write about Listen to the City’s Protest as I think it presents a number of useful things to think about in the current political climate. A number of the things I wanted to write about have already come to pass–major protests here in the US and considerations of how to maintain political action in order to effectively affect change rather than simply channel anger or disappointment.

And there are some fluffier books that are more fun to talk about.

And a new conversation about considerations when building a library for an academic institution. It’s been conducted, I’ve just got to find time to transcribe it…

Something for everyone.

Good stuff.

Life’s been busy; the blog’s been quiet

To any regular readers who feared KPB had disappeared, it hasn’t. My professional life has been busy the last couple of months, and I’ve not been able to carve out enough time to efficiently produce reviews on the schedule I’d like to be. Case in point: The review of Red House has been in progress for three weeks now.

At any rate, we’re still here. There are numerous reviews in the pipeline. The blog schedule remains every other week for a new review. Given my schedule the next couple of weeks, it might end up being monthly, though.

Please stay tuned.

Winter Break

I’m out of town this week and part of next, so we’ll be on hiatus for this week and next. Reviews will return the second week of January.

Thanks for reading! A very Happy New Year to everyone.

Work Has Been Busy – New Content Will Be Up Soon

As I’ve mentioned before this blog is a side project for me and a labor of love. Sometimes the day to day of being a working photographer gets in the way of writing reviews for this site. New content will be up soon, including a conversation with Sangyon Joo of Datz Press.

A related note: Datz Press is one of many publishers at the Unlimited Edition 7th Annual Seoul Art Book Fair happening right now. If you’re in Seoul check it out.

Two Year Anniversary

Last month KPB crossed the two year mark. Yea!

While posting has been been a little irregular the last couple of months, there are plenty of books in the queue and a couple of interviews in the works. I’m looking forward to the coming year.

Regular posting schdule will resume soon

I apologize to any regular readers for the radio silence the last couple of weeks. Between Passover, family events, taxes and a busy commercial schedule posting here fell through the cracks. I am working on several reviews and hopefully will be back to weekly posts starting this coming week.

Thanks for reading.

Back in NYC; review schedule to resume

I’m back from a very productive (and relaxing) trip to Korea. While most time was spent with family, I was able to check out a handful of galleries and museums, conduct two interviews and pick up a large stack of books. Not all, but most will be the subject of reviews in the next few months. I’ll be updating the Queue shortly. The two interviews are being transcribed and translated now and should be ready for publication in January. Over the course of the trip I also updated the Book Shops page and will be another couple of book shops to the page this week.

Though the last few Sundays have not seen a new review, I’ll be back on schedule as of this coming Sunday.

Nice to be back in Brooklyn; miss Seoul already.